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Cacao Ceremonies


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Full Moon Cacao Ceremony Sunday 1st Nove


In South American cultures, Cacao has been used for centuries as a sacred plant medicine for healing purposes. It has an active component called theobromine which is a natural chemical that makes us feel more open and 'tuned in'. 

My heart felt intention when I work with cacao and hold space using this magical medicine, is to invite the gentle opening of our hearts and our bodies so that we can create a portal for deep enquiry and healing. There are many aspects of ourselves that we keep closed and hidden yet this stands in our way of being able to move through our fear and blocks.

When we meet with this beautiful medicine, it allows us to honour ourselves deeply, to meet with our emotions and to feel them through the body so that we can release and surrender and come back to our wholeness.

Being in ceremony and with these ancient rituals and medicine is the gateway - an invitation, to amplify our intentions, let go of anything that no longer serves and is not of our highest good and intention, so that we create more space to invite in what it is that we want to feel and experience. 


​When we follow this invitation, with the spirit of cacao, we can attune to our inner nature, connect with our inner wisdom and whispers, and create space for new energies that we want to hold in our lives. We can embody this energy and bring in to being the feeling and experience of expansion and light. 

Each ceremony is different and often brings in a mix of modalities that can assist in the facilitation of healing such as the breath, movement, prayer, and sound.  

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