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» What it would feel like to be free of the toxic thoughts around food and body? To have the space and the resources to fully engage and be present with your life.


» What it would mean to you, to be able to wake up and look in the mirror and be able to accept your body and walk your life path with her? To know that with each step you take in life, you are always held, supported, grounded and safe within your body? 


» What it would feel like to reconnect to body wisdom, and feel empowered, connected to your authentic Self?

» What it would feel like to be in tune with the intuitive flow and rhythm of your body? To be embodied and have ease and peace within your body and clarity within your mind?

» What it would feel like to reclaim your natural energy, rebalance your body's rhythms so that you could raise your energetic frequency and live according to spirit?


What would that sweet freedom taste like?


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 » You have been stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, habitual restriction and overeating or bingeing or are a chronic emotional eater - food has become your only comfort when you are looking for safety. The feelings of shame that couple these behaviours have become unbearable. 

 » You have no mental capacity to be present and connect in your relationships, at work, or in the things that you enjoy and crave the most because your thoughts around your weight, food and exercise are all-consuming.  

» You feel disconnected from your body and her innate and intuitive wisdom - you feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to knowing how to nourish your body with food, movement and rest. 

 » You physically feel depleted and your energy is leaking. You are constantly fatigued, have imbalanced hormones with painful or disrupted menstrual cycles and low and volatile moods. 

» You are forever soul searching, feel out of alignment and feel unplugged from the sourceYour spark for life has vanished and food is the only balm to soothe your soul which yearns for connection and to find the sweetness and joy in life.

Food for thought...
If you could end the battles you have with your body and were not controlled by food and your thoughts on your body... 

How would you be showing up and participating in life differently? How would you experience your Self? How would you nurture your Self? Where would you go? What would you do and create?
How would you dance with life?

 »  Feel confident in your body, fully embodied and connected to the source of your own power.


You can be free to embody your authentic self and reason for being.

You are so in your flow, that your energy sends ripples out into the universe.

 » Feel at ease around food and your food choices.


You don’t need food to fulfil your deeper needs because your cup is overflowing with deliciousness. The joy is juicy, love bountiful and your life full of sweetness.  

 »  Listen to your body's inner wisdom and feel safe in your body.


You are connected to your body's wisdom. You can decipher the subtleties and the messages you receive from your body and you are able to respond in an embodied, compassionate and loving way.

 »  Let go of measuring your worth and success based on the number on the scales or calories consumed.


Your authenticity shines through, you live life fully and stand in your power.

 » Nourish your whole self and live in alignment with your purpose and vision.


Your wholeness allows you to walk your path with purpose, intention and meaning. You live life unapologetically.  

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The Healing Journey

The medicine path and the recovery road both require inner strength, courage, and self-compassion. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. 

This is a journey that requires attention and intention. It requires courage and an open mind and heart to explore body-mind-spirit and embody and integrate the wisdom that resides within. 


It is a journey of awakening the whole self.


When you step into this frequency and begin aligning with wholeness, you give yourself permission to live an authentically embodied life that is rich with meaning and purpose, free from the confinement of thoughts and beliefs on food and body.


The body is a resource and a vital part of the journey. 


This is a bottom-up approach moving from body to mind, whilst integrating spirit, taking a body-based perspective which values and honours the body to expand our relationship with it, so we can be guided back home to ourselves.


This approach recognises that the body holds all of the medicine, healing and wisdom that is needed to find the freedom we desire so that we can move forward and integrate wisdom and experience from an embodied perspective.


Safety and belonging can only be found when we are with and in the body. 

We cannot simply think our way out of habitual food behaviours and our beliefs and stories that we tell ourselves about our body. The process of liberation from these coping strategies requires Body-Mind and Spirit regulation, embodiment and integration


When we begin to see the body and it's wisdom as part of the journey and the path to the reclamation of our bodies, we stop denying it and instead can begin to befriend her instead. Finding resource in the body supports the ability to digest not just our food, but our lived experience. 

The Embodied Framework

We engage with the body as a healing resource, being in, with and of the body, to cultivate sensory awareness and use embodied movement and somatic practices.


Decoding and reprogramming out thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and conditioning about our self, our body and food.


Cultivating self-awareness and the inner resources for emotional regulation, honouring our needs and embodying our authenticity and intuitive wisdom.

Spirituality & Energetics

Connecting with our life source, our purpose and reason for being, quantum healing and energetic attunement and refinement. 


Embodied and mindful eating practices and creating foundational and balanced nutrition to rebalance health and wellbeing.

Work with me

An attunement to support the needs of the ever changing landscape of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic body. 

For the woman who has lost sync with  the natural rhythms of her body and wants to move into a more intuitive, nourishing and spacious relationship around her body and food. 


3 x  121 sessions that cover:

Nutritional Therapy, holistic coaching and embodiment & somatic practices 


A 12-week journey that facilitates and supports you to shed the layers of the mind, recode belief systems and move in to an embodied state of being. 


For the woman who is ready to open the channels of self-healing to transform her relationship with food and connect with her body and awaken to her power.


12 x weekly sessions inc. nutrition,  energetic healing, embodiment, movement & somatic practices


A 6 month transformational healing journey working deeply to create wholeness and union between body, mind and spirit


For the woman ready to reclaim her intuitive and nourishing body wisdom, feel at home in her body, free around food and start living in fullness. 


3 sessions per month that include a unique blend to support your individual needs on your journey as well as additional resources 

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Embodied Freedom

A group coaching programme that takes you through the four pillars of the Body-Mind and Spirit approach to healing your relationship to food and body so that you can live in your wholeness. 

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