Holistic Coaching

We process and store information and memories of all our past experiences and emotions in the cells of our body both consciously and unconsciously.  These emotions and experiences have a habit of reappearing over and over again in our present day lives and sometimes in ways that we don't fully understand. 


We can use these experiences to navigate our lives in the present moment and move towards creating a life that we want to live and how and who we want to be, rather than letting our past define us.

Perhaps we have coped with this for many years and learnt to bury and silence the niggling sensations and thoughts of 'what if' or 'I wish I had' or "I am not worthy/not good enough..." and "I will never be able to...". Perhaps a life altering event has occurred and it has turned everything we thought to be true on its head?

We have a choice in how we experience life. We have the opportunity if we are open to it, to challenge our negative thinking, emotions or behaviours that rule our thoughts and actions.

Coaching can help change negative thinking, behaviour and belief patterns, help you grow in to your authentic self, discover what no longer serves you and help you release what is keeping you stuck in destructive and unhelpful cycles.

Mind Body Coaching 
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Mind body coaching is coaching for those who are struggling with their body and eating habits, those struggling to make changes to their die and health or those wanting to improve their overall wellness. 

I combine various mind-body practices, nutritional science and intuition as well as my personal experience in order to help you overcome whatever challenges you may be facing. 

Having faced many eating challenges and struggled with my body image for over a decade, I understand what it feels like to struggle daily, not just around food, but how thoughts and feelings and behaviours around food and your body can affect and overshadow every aspect of your everyday life and functioning.


Learning tools to help overcome these struggles and healing the emotional triggers that lay beneath these behaviours and thoughts can help you to live in peace, with yourself and with what is on your plate. 

Through coaching, you can:


  • Help you release negative thoughts and beliefs around food and your body

  • Cultivate a more positive relationship around food

  • Learn to implement positive change and habits 

  • Let go of restriction, diets, emotional eating and bingeing

  • Let go of attachments and the old stories you keep telling yourself, the need for approval, the fear of being unworthy or not good enough

  • Begin to understand your own unique body, build a relationship with yourself and grow in to your authentic and individual self

  • Live from a place of joy and freedom

  • Open up to opportunities so that you can experience and create new opportunities that you didn't think were possible before

and much more...


I use a variety of tools such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and intuitive guidance and wisdom learnt from indigenous and ancient cultures.


I also incorporate movement and bodily practices in to my coaching sessions so that you can begin to embody the changes you are ready to make in your life. 

Holding a safe and nurturing space, a coaching session withe is designed to help you to align with your vision apurpose, balance and healing

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