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IQM is a hands-free energetic healing modality that can support you to release negative blocks within your mind, body and spirit. 


IQM is a unique blend of Eastern, Western and Quantum Medicine (Chinese Energetic Medicine and Quantum Physics) that can support the realigning of energy flow to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. 


How does it work?


IQM works remotely (because we are all connected energetically, so we don have to be in the same room or even on a phone call!) 


IQM works by connecting to source energy that communicates on deeper levels of consciousness in order to clear any blocks in the flow of the energy within the energy field to support the healing potential of the body. 


When we apply this to healing our relationship to food, body and self, we look at addressing the source of beliefs, tension and memories held within the body that are blocking us from living in our purest potential. 


How can IQM work for you?

Here are just some of the elements that can be explored through IQM:

  • Clear trauma affecting your eating challenges 

  • Strengthen your connection to your mind, body and emotions

  • Clear any blocks and limiting beliefs around your beliefs to overcome your food and body challenges

  • Reduce identification with diet culture, yo-yo dieting, and challenges around food 

  • Remove the need and use of the behaviours for safety 

  • Clear collective conscious connections to diet culture

Address psychological blockages that:

  • Clear blockages and beliefs  you disempowered to your eating behaviours and challenges 

  • Clear beliefs that restrict you from believing healing and freedom is available 

  • Clear conditioned behaviours and patterning around food, diets and body talk

  • Clear the identification and emotional attachment to coping behaviours 

Mental and Emotional clearing around: 

  • Fears around food and eating 

  • Fears about the body and body changes 

  • Repressed emotions contributing to behaviours as coping mechanisms

  • Connection to intuition

  • Desires for balanced health and body

  • Thoughts and behavioural patterns and beliefs around food and body 

  • Self-imposed limitations and blockages in the healing potential of your challenges around food and body 

  • Emotional triggers that contribute to blockages 

  • Thoughts around food, restriction, bingeing and yo-yo dieting 

  • Attachments to guilt and shame around food and body

Rebalance and clear any physiological factors such as blockages or stagnation within:

  • Dietary and nutrient imbalances 

  • Metabolism and energy conversion 

  • Cellular waste and toxins

  • Hormonal and endocrine function

  • Menstrual imbalances 

  • Skin issues 

  • Sleep problems

  • Digestive issues

Healing these elements provides a platform to release the blocks holding us back in our health and life.  This powerful technique can further support us in 


Clearing old belief systems, insecurity and self-doubt 

Transform perception of self 

Clear past memories and trauma 

Strengthen self-belief 

Rebalance emotions 

Strengthening personal power 

Strengthen connection to life purpose 

Can you use IQM for other blocks, symptoms and challenges?


IQM can be applied to any issue, block or ailment, not just issues around food and body.


How can I receive IQM?


As part of my 1-2-1 programs I will be offering IQM should you want to incorporate his healing modality in.


I will also be offering these healing sessions as individual sessions that can be carried out on a one-off basis however, the more sessions that you have and the more energetic work is carried out, the deeper we can go in reaching and supporting the healing of deeper rooted issues at the core of the blocks.

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