Reiki is an energy healing technique that originated in Japan. The word Reiki is formed of ‘Rei’ meaning God’s wisdom or Higher Power’ and ‘Ki’ which is also referred to as ‘chi’ which or prana which is our ‘life force energy’. 


Reiki is often referred to as a ‘Biofield Therapy’ meaning that it as a non-invasive therapy that works with the unseen energy or life force that exists within us and all living things.


Imbalances within our life force energy can affect us dramatically and manifests as fatigue, stress, disease and so forth. When we have a strong life force, it manifests through well balanced emotions, healthy body, clarity and joy. 


Reiki is for everyone. You do not have to be spiritual for its effects to work, just a willingness to be open to its healing and calming benefits. Reiki can help you in many ways both physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Reiki is excellent for stress reduction and navigating us through traumatic, and difficult times in our life. Emotionally, Reiki can help heal blocked energy, trapped emotions and limiting self-beliefs and thought patterns. It helps to ground and energise us, give us focus and clarity and helps us feel more calm and relaxed so we feel more connected and balanced within ourselves.

Physically, Reiki is often used to promote healing and reduce pain in people suffering from headaches, digestive issues, insomnia and injuries, wounds or infections. 


Reiki can be used to heal in the present, but it can also be a valuable tool to send back to heal the energy around a past situation or event or one in the future which you may need calming or supportive energy around. 

Reiki can be used in person or from a distance. There is no difference in efficacy of the healing if you are in the presence of the Reiki healer or not. This may be complex to grasp for those new to Reiki - through life force energy that flows through each and everyone of us, and every being and thing and exists beyond the realm of time and space. It is also due to this that Reiki can be sent to the past or future. 


Distance Reiki - 30 minutes: £33

Distance Reiki & meditation 55 minutes: £45