Nutritional Therapy Consultations

Private consultations are available in person or via skype.

Initial Consultation - £95 

Follow Up Consultation - £75 

Initial Consultation & 1 Follow up - £165 

Package of 3 Consultations - £222

3 Month Nutrition and Health & Wellbeing coaching package - £333

6 Month Nutrition and Health & Wellbeing coaching package - £555

Formula Health DNA Nutrigenomics Testing and Nutrition Consultation -  £200

Your initial consultation includes the following:

  • A review of your previous medical history from birth

  • A review of your current diet and any medication or supplements you are taking (you will be required to fill out a food diary prior to coming to your appointment)

  • Understanding and specification of health and lifestyle goals

  • Review of current lifestyle factors 

  • Take-away nutritional advice based on the above

  • A comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan and guidelines to follow between the initial consultation and your follow up consultation 

  • Ordering of any functional testing or referrals to other consultants or your GP


Following the initial consultation, a review all of the information discussed will take place which contributes to the formulation a nutrition and lifestyle plan. 


The plan will include diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplement recommendations. The written plan is not provided on the day as the initial consultation is used to understand your unique situation which then allows analysis and time to curate individualised and in-depth advice.


The plan will be sent to you 3-4 days after the consultation has taken place, however, you will be given some take away nutrition advice to get you started in the mean time.


It is usually recommended that clients come back for a follow up consultation between 4-8 weeks (depending on the case) after their initial consultation to review progress and discuss any test results. Further lifestyle and dietary guidelines will be provided based on your progress or goals.

Subsequent follow ups are required on a case by case basis and usually take place between 6-8 weeks later and are usually in place to monitor treatment and dietary responses. 


Preparing for your appointment

Once a date for your consultation has been confirmed you will be emailed confirmation details, a health assessment form and food diary form.


You will be asked to complete the documentation and send it back prior to the consultation to allow a primary assessment to take place before hand in order to utilise the appointment time to discuss particular aspects in more detail.