Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Nutrition

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Nutritional Therapy 

Nutritional Therapy incorporates both naturopathic and functional medicinal approaches in order to heal our bodies.


Using nutritional and biochemical science alongside food and lifestyle changes, nutritional therapy can help you address the root cause of chronic or acute 'dis-ease' in the body or work on providing preventive measures to keep you healthy and vibrant.

Nutritional therapy isn't just about 'healthy eating' or a new diet to follow, it's about working with you and your individual body to restore its natural balance so you can start to feel energised, stronger and happier!


Holistic - Mind, Body & Eating



Coaching is an invaluable tool that can facilitate and help guide you to creating shifts in different aspects of your life that may be restricting you from living the life you want to.


Coaching can help you identify and connect to your strengths so that you can begin making positive and healthy steps forward in your life and allowing you to begin to release anything that no longer serves you or your wellbeing.

My coaching clients often come to me looking for guidance in their life as well as working with the mind and body connection and coaching around health, weight and body image. 

Coaching can be an invaluable tool to help you overcome challenges around food, eating habits and relationship to your body.

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Yoga & physical nourishment 


Yoga and Breathwork are powerful tools to facilitate and hold space for transformation.

Acting as sacred containers to allow ourselves to explore the body through emotions and sensations.  


Movement of the body and connecting to the body helps us to become an embodiment of the transitions and the healing that come about through any self development work. 

"Lily has given me the tools to nurture my body back to

health and helped me create a healthy relationship

with the food my body needs.

I feel fantastic!"

Dr. H.Bosher
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