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Embodied healing from chronic dieting, disordered eating and eating disorder recovery

I help women create pace and freedom in  their relationship to food, come home to their bodies and step into their wholeness for full-bodied, expansive and body-mind & spiritually aligned living.


Our relationship with food, body and health goes far beyond the food that we eat, calories consumed, the numbers on the scale, the size of our jeans or our body image.

Our relationship to food and how we experience our body is directly

translated to how we experience life.

The body is a living temple, a vessel in which we have been gifted to experience the ceremony of this life. Our beliefs, behaviours and the choices that we make in how we engage with our body and food are simply mirrors of the relationship that we have with our heart, soul and the world around us.

Food, which once provided us pleasure, nourishment and connection has become for many women, a source of our biggest terror and despair. 


Ironically. our eating habits and beliefs about our body are usually a protective measure created in an attempt to keep us safe from the pain of the traumas we experienced long before food became an issue or we hated our bodies.


When our thoughts and actions become centred around food, eating and toxic body beliefs, we starve our ability to participate in life. It literally drains the source of life from us. 

We have been gifted our bodily vessel to embody our authentic Self so that we can dance and participate in the ceremony that is life.


Your life source is your superpower, it connects you to your desires, your joy, and your ability to create and intuit, feel, flow, nurture, connect, give and receive love. Your life source resides within the body and it is your birthright to tap into it so that you can step into being a channel for your highest purpose - to live a full-bodied, full power and meaningful life. 

Challenges around food and disordered eating patterns and disembodiment, are all signals that are stirring from deep within you, that are calling you to awaken and heal.

If you have been searching, then this is your sign, you have been called to return home. 


This is your time to surrender the pain around food and body once and for all. 


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How can Body-Mind & Spirit Nutrition support you?

  • Connecting to body wisdom

  • Reconnecting to the intuitive voice within

  • Learning to embody your whole self


    Noticing and understanding blocks and triggers and learning to move through them with grace


    Developing self-compassion, mindful self-care and embodied self-regulation tools and practices 


    Letting go and allowing the transmutation of past trauma, shame and guilt

  • Embodied eating and physical nourishment

  • Spiritual connection and attunement to vision and purpose

  • Quantum energy shifts 

  • Integrating wisdom and insights that arise and weaving them into your day-to-day life

  • Embodiment of whole, authentic and empowered self 


I am a Body-Mind and Eating Psychology Coach, Quantum Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Medicine Woman.


I am on a mission to help women heal their relationship with food and body so that they can be free to align with their true purpose and live to their highest potential.


I have spent decades completely disconnected and disassociated from my body and self, feeling out of control around food and having toxic thoughts and shame about my body control every second of my life.

My work draws on wisdom collected through my own personal journey of healing, self-discovery and training in nutrition, eating psychology, embodiment, somatics,  mind-body practices, energetics and shamanism. 

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How did we get here?

Food has become a coping mechanism for so many of us - a substitute for the safety of unconditional love that was withheld from us or, a shield to protect us from the physical and emotional pain and trauma that has and is, being constantly hurtled at us.


We are not wrong to have turned the focus on food and our body as a way of coping - although we rationally know it is a false sense of security, it was and has, become the only resource that we believe we have in the moments we need to soothe ourselves.   

We have learnt to use food to alter our state of consciousness.  

Focusing on food and body transports us out of the present moment, away from connection with ourselves so that we do not have to feel the discomfort of emotional and physical pain and trauma.  When we dissociate with ourselves (body and spirit) we become less aware of what's happening externally, we numb ourselves from the pain. 

 We begin to project that pain inwards, and we tell ourselves that we are undeserving, inherently bad to the core, unworthy and therefore unlovable. The pain we inflict on ourselves through our thoughts and behaviours towards our body is both our punishment and the comfort we seek. 


You see, it’s not all about the food, is it? It’s not just about the size or shape of your body. It runs much deeper than that, through the cracks below the surface of the skin into the very core and heart of our being.

We dissociate from our bodies and focus on food in order to escape the physical realm,  searching for a never-ending out-of-body experience.

Maybe you feel like you have been abandoned by your body, that she is conspiring against you or holding you back. You might fear and despise her, or be afraid of her capabilities, or perhaps you are ashamed of what she is capable of, or maybe you feel threatened by her.


Have you ever considered that maybe she just wants to be acknowledged? To not be forgotten or be left behind? To be understood and to be accepted for all that she is? To be shown, unconditional love, to be held. and to be heard, to be seen for who she really is, to be understood and accepted? A desire and need to just be witnessed and honoured in her fullness without judgement?

Many of us have forgotten what it feels like to belong in our bodies. The safety and unconditional love that we endlessly yearn for exists within our sense of wholeness and is experienced when we are consciously connected to body, mind and spirit; 

-food nor body shape has the ability to fill this whole.  


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~ Attunement to an intuitive, natural, and nourishing way of eating, free of fear and restrictive patterns to create balance, peace and ease around food 

 ~ Embodied and somatic movement practices to build body wisdom and create safety and confidence in the body 

~ Recoding and emotional regulation to liberate the mental and emotional stories, programs and blocks 

~ Quantum energy shifts, ritual and ceremony to honour heart and spirit and reconnect to wholeness and fullness within

And I can support you too.

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In order to heal, we must open the channels of communication with the body and with our hearts and spirit to access the medicine that already resides within us that can support our healing.


 We must surrender and open the doors of our perception to transcend the conditioning of the mind to recode the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that limit us.


Now is the time to awaken to inner consciousness and trust that we are guided and held on this new path of healing and transformation where we can create body fullness, the spaciousness of mind,  and a deep connection to spirit in order to create the wholeness of life that we have long yearned for.


"Lily is not only an incredible space holder and spring of knowledge, she is a human being that puts authenticity before dogma.

Working with someone with lived experience of similar issues I have been trying to navigate for so many years has meant that the level of compassion and understanding she offers is beyond any patriarchal manual. Nope, Lily's approach is grounded, real and actually works."


"Lily has given me the tools to nurture my body back to health and helped me create a healthy relationship with food and body to understand exactly what my body and soul needs.

I have released deep rooted fears around my body and food and I know understood where they have come from and how I was allowing them to block me from being myself and most importantly from feeling freedom, joy and pleasure."

Image by Holly Mandarich

Beneath layers of fear and pain around food and body, lies your life source, your magic, your gold.

Dieting, disordered eating, eating disorders and body shame is a matter of the body-mind relationship that goes beyond food and eating and extends far beyond your cognitive and emotional relationship to food and body.


Embodimed is your path back home to yourself - the journey to living in and with the body where nourishment exists from body, mind and spirit.

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